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10. September 2012 01:50
by racielrod

Up and Running!

10. September 2012 01:50 by racielrod | 0 Comments

Well, this is up and running.

After years developing in the dark –which makes me a Dark Matter Developer, according to Scott Hanselman- in complete read-only mode, I have decided to start blogging in order to put ideas straight and offer my 2 cents to the community.

Start blogging and contributing more to the local developers groups in Atlanta were 2 of the personal goals I wrote down last Christmas; both as way to learn more, and improve my professional skills.

This blog will be pretty much about technology and software development in particular, however I can’t promise I will stick to these subjects only.

I have picked BlogEngine.NET to start with, nothing fancy. Putting all pieces together took me a couple of hours, from the domain purchase to the widgets and initial setup; the hard part now is writing content that is worth reading, but that is a different story.

This is running, the ice is broken; I hope I can keep up with the task. :)

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